St. John Associates' FLUORO-TEC
Multi-purpose Filter Fluorometer

St. John Associates' Fluoro-Tec fluorometer provides a cost-effective and versatile means of implementing fluorescence-based techniques in discrete sample analysis, liquid chromatography detection (HPLC) and flow injection analysis (FIA) -- both continuous-flow and bubble-segmented. It also performs well as a nephelometer.

St. John Associates offers two Fluoro-Tec models: the original bench Fluoro-Tec (pictured on the right) and the Field Fluoro-Tec. Both models share the same feature set and accessories, but the field unit offers portability, weather-resistance and battery power capability. For information on the Field Fluoro-Tec in PDF format, click here.

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The FLUORO-TEC was designed for use in the analysis of discrete samples (cuvettes) and for use as the detector in flow systems (flow cells) with no compromise to either application. Convert from one application to another in seconds, with no awkward sheetmetal covers, no cabinets to open, and no add-on external power supplies. Cuvette adapters are available for capillary tubes, 6 x 50mm round tubes, 10 x 75mm round tubes, and 1 x 1cm rectangular spectrofluorometer cells. A front-surface adapter for solid samples is also available. Flow cells for HPLC are available with 18 and 70 microliter volumes and several large-volume cell configurations are available for flow injection analysis and for continuous-flow and water analysis applications. A wide range of excitation wavelengths is provided by your choice of a mercury or a tungsten/halogen lamp. Lamp changes require only the switching of the lamp itself; no power supply changes are required. Dozens of excitation and emission filter combinations are available. Photodetection is via the industry standard 9-stage side-window photomultiplier tube. Models available span the wavelength range from deep UV to near IR.


The FLUORO-TEC design utilizes the preferred 90 degree excitation and emission measurement configuration. This arrangement is well known to provide the best balance of dynamic range, light throughput, and stray light. Photomultiplier detection, feedback stabilized power supplies, close coupled optical system, and careful attention to thermal considerations all combine to extend the operation range of the FLUORO-TEC to the levels required for the most demanding residue analyses.


Long term stability is ensured by careful system design, feedback stabilization of lamp power supply, and thermal control. Good long term stability reduces the frequency of recalibration, a particularly important consideration in chromatographic applications and in automated analyses.


Compact (4 1/4 inches wide) and light weight (8 pounds), the FLUORO-TEC occupies very little bench space. In HPLC applications the unit can be placed very close to the column, effectively minimizing post-column deadvolume.

Ease of Use:

  • Easy-to-Read Digital Panel Display
  • Quick-Change Feature for Cuvettes & Flow Cells
  • Filters are Externally Accessible
  • Accessible, Logical Controls

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Fluorometric techniques are applicable to a wide variety of analytical tasks in such diverse areas as clinical chemistry, biochemical research, water and waste-water management, pharmacology, chemistry, geochemistry, and chemical process monitoring. In all these application, wide dynamic range, specificity, and sensitivity are the hallmarks of the technique. While there are thousands of fluorescence-based methods for which the FLUORO-TEC is ideally suited, the list below lists some of the more frequent applications:

  • Amino Acid Analysis (primary amines)
  • DNA Quantitation (Hoechst Dye, DAPI)
  • NAD / NADH and enzyme-linked assays
  • Water Quality (algae, ammonia, turbidity)
  • Pesticide & Herbicide Residue Analysis
  • Water Flow Tracing (rhodamine, fluorescein)
  • Biomedical Research (vitamins, porphyrins, drug metabolites, steroids)
  • Brewing & Industrial Fermentation (beta glucans, cell mass)
  • Lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides)
  • Inorganics (Anions and cations)
  • Immunology (fluoroimmunoassays)
  • Protein Assay


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Take a look at the Fluoro-Tec's specifications in printer-friendly format. The spec sheet also includes a list of popular accessories and ordering information.