Analytical Cation Exchange Columns and Resins

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St. John Associates has offered the finest cation exchange resins and columns for over 18 years. Some facts about our products:

  • We're the best for Amino Acid Analysis -- High speed analyses require the very finest in cation exchange resin.
  • We make our resin in house from scratch -- We synthesize our own resin directly from styrene and divinyl benzene.
  • We prepare our resin in small batches to order -- We carefully sulfonate and size our resins, resulting in incomparable performance.
  • We have the experience you need -- Decades of experience packing and testing narrow bore columns ensures that our pre-packed columns provide peak performance for a variety of applications.

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St. John Associates' packs each of its cation exchange columns with 8% crosslinked sulfonated polystyrene resins. These premium columns support high-resolution separations of amino acids, ammonia, amino sugars, organic acids, primary amines and related compounds. We ship these columns ready-to-use with 0.2M sodium citrate, formate or acetate elution methodologies.

Constructed of type 316 stainless steel tubing, St. John Associates' columns are passivated and polished according to a proprietary process. For increased compatibility we use industry standard "reversed" fittings with 10-32 x 1/16" cone ferrule inlets and outlets. Additionally, St. John Associates columns are symetrical, allowing you to reverse flow for easy contaminant removal from the inlet frit.

Available column sizes include:

  • 0.46 x 10cm
  • 0.46 x 15cm
  • 0.46 x 25cm

  • 0.32 x 10cm
  • 0.32 x 15cm
  • 0.32 x 25cm

  • 0.24 x 10cm
  • 0.24 x 15cm
  • 0.24 x 25cm


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St. John Associates' Cation Exchange Resins include 8% crosslinked, fully solufonated polystyrene resins particularly suited for use with 1.8mm to 4.6mm high-efficiency columns. Our new, proprietary synthesis methods produce a polymer matrix of unusual homogeneity and purity. The resulting resin exhibits low color throw, high stability to acids & bases and very high chromatographic efficiency. St. John Associates resins make an ideal replacement for Beckman's AA-10, Spherogel, Durrum or Dionex DC4A resins and BioRad's Aminex A7 and Aminex A8 resins.

Sizing: We tightly size our resins to an average deviation of +/- 0.5 micron from the mean particle diameter. We offer 1 gram lots of sizes ranging from 4.5 microns to 8 microns in 0.5 micron increments. Additionally, we offer 25 gram lots of 8.5 micron and 12 micron resins.

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