Now One Instrument Covers All Your Sample Needs

Unmatched Sample-to-Sample Uniformity. Our fan-circulated oven environment ensures uniform temperatures across the entire oven chamber, and we've gone even further to ensure a high level of uniformity from sample to sample: the BioOven III employs a unique rotating sample tray that exposes all samples to thesame environment. Quantitative procedures in a thermal cycler now become reality!

Huge Sample Capacity, Maximum Versatility. Switching from format to format takes a matter of seconds. Sample trays available include:



0.5 ml Tubes

236 Tubes

2.0 ml Tubes

132 Tubes

96-, 384-, 864-well Plates

4, 6, or 10 Plates

Microscope slides

20 or 30 slides

Glass Capillaries


High-Accuracy Temperature Monitoring. Medical-grade temperature probes precisely match the environment of your samples. The temperature you read (which drives the response of the controller) is identical to that of your sample.

High Speeds. A typical 92, 72, 55 C. profile (15 seconds each) will produce a 4 - 5 minute cycle in the BioOven III, (50 lambda in a thin-walled 0. 5 ml Robbins Scientific tube). Comparable profiles are obtained for thin-walled polycarbonate plates (Corning CoStar) or glass slides. Smaller samples and glass capillaries cycle faster. Thick-walled plastic sample containers have longer cycles, as do larger sample sizes.

The BioOven III

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User friendliness and informative displays characterize the temperature controller.

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Unique rotating trays assure a uniform heating environment. Available only from St. John Associates.

Full One-Year Warranty. We cover all parts and labor for a full year. Thanks to its high quality design, the BioOven III rarely requires service. If needed, field service is usually sufficient, reducing down-time.

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Want to learn more?Click here to view the BioOven III manual.

Introducing Our New BioOven III Controller. Designed specifically for the BioOven III. You'll find a whole new standard for ease of use and memory capacity in a full-featured temperature controller.

User-Friendly Operation. The BioOven III controller is menu-driven. You can instantly find and run stored procedures. Creating new procedures or changing current ones is easier than ever before. And, with our convenient FORMAT feature, you simply indicate the type of sample you're running, and the BioOven III optimizes the run for you.

Ergonomic Display. At a glance, the display screen gives you all the information you need: sample and target temperature, name of the program or profile being run, total cycle count in the program, current cycle count and elapsed time of the experiment. It's all here and easy to find.

Flexible Programming. The BioOven III lets you write POINTS, PROFILES, and PROGRAMS. POINTS are single temperatures and associated soak times. PROFILES are a set of up to twenty points. PROGRAMS are series of up to twenty profiles. Linking profiles and writing complex procedures has never been easier. Automatic increases or decreases in temperature or time per cycle are easily programmed as well.

Memory to Spare. The controller can store up to 99 PROFILES in non-volatile memory. What's more, it can separately store up to 99 PROGRAMS-each with running instructions for up to 20 PROFILES! No other controller even comes close.

Serial Port. Every BioOven III comes with a serial port, so you can program and format or access temperature and time data from an external PC.