Model A6-2000 Acid Gas Analyzer

Acid Gas Analyzer Photo

St. John Associates' new Acid Gas Analyzer measures gaseous and/or aerosol acid concentrations over time. Available configurations measure HCl, HF or other acids using interchangeable ion-selective electrodes. (Dual electrode models are available upon request.) The analyzer logs data automatically, allowing the user to retrieve test results for analysis with Microsoft Excel™ or similar spreadsheet software. (Data retrieval software and interface cable sold separately.)

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  • Lightweight, Compact and Portable - The analyzer weighs just 13lbs., ideal for field testing. A rechargeable, sealed lead-acid battery provides hours of operation with no external power source required. The analyzer's small footprint fits easily in confined spaces.
  • Proven Design - Based on designs developed and used by the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (USACHPPM), the Acid Gas Analyzer has been successfully used in multiple military field tests.
  • Rugged - The analyzer comes packaged in a genuine, military-issue .50-cal. ammunition case - the perfect case for harsh test environments. Corrosion-resistant paint and shock mounting of internal components ensure the analyzer (and your data) survives your tests.
  • Sensitive and Accurate - The analyzer's ion-selective electrodes (ISE) measure acid concentrations accurately over four decades of sensitivity.
  • Easy to Use - Includes a complete data logging package that allows retrieval via a PC serial port or a Palm™ handheld PDA. Analyze data with included software or export data to other packages like Microsoft Excel™.

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  • Fire suppression systems - Test for degradation byproducts of Halon™ replacement candidates used in military vehicle and facilities-based fire suppression systems.
  • Artillery systems - Test for ordnance propellant byproducts in mobile launch vehicles and land/ship-based turrets.
  • Point-of-use (POU) abatement systems - Test effectiveness of scrubbers used in semiconductor manufacturing and other etching-based production techniques.
  • Facilities monitoring - Test air quality in acid-producing environments such as fluoridation facilities and chlorination plants.

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Sensitivity: 5 - 5,000 ppm (four decades) of HCl or HF in air
Data Logging: 32,767 data points with user-selectable sampling rate
Power Supply: Internal 12VDC sealed lead-acid battery (rechargeable)
Size (L x W x H): 12" x 6" x 7.5"
Weight (Lbs.): 13
Warranty: 1 Year, parts and labor
Price (USD): $4595.00